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ITA benefits every therapist, regardless of discipline or specialty who work [or want to work] as Independent Contract Therapists in healthcare. Through CEU accredited courses, included and optional insurance coverage, news, blog and massive discount programs, membership in ITA helps you succeed at the business of rehab.

Success for EveryOne.

Jill S. PT

"The only thing I regret about being an Independent Contractor is that I did not do it sooner...."

Jon B. PTA

"I've been a therapist for 10 years and I still learned something new. Plus, I honestly never had so much fun with an online course. LEGIT."

Samantha H. OTA

"I'm a single Mom so I wanted the flexibility of IC work, but it scared me.  ITA gave me the tools to get started and plus, with the discounts, I was able to save a ton of money."

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Thinking about being an Independent Contractor?

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Whether you are new to the field (welcome!), considering work as an Independent Contractor (it's a great idea!) or a seasoned pro (raise hand here please!) ITA membership can benefit you.  


membership will pay for itself

Male and female students doing schoolwor


CEU-accredited micro-learning.

We understand that you're busy. Our courses deliver what you need to know in a mobile-friendly mini-learning format so you can turn your down time into learning time.  And, with all courses accredited for CEUS for PT, OT and SLP, it is a win-win for your present and your future.  But remember, all content for our Alliance is about you and your business... [learn your clinical skills somewhere else!


Peace of mind with included and optional coverage.

$15,000.00 of Term Life & Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance included with your membership plus access to Critical Illness Coverage,  Accident Coverage, Group Rated Dental & Vision Plans, and discounted Home & Automobile Insurance.

Stacks of Coins


Membership will pay for itself.

Use the power of the Alliance to benefit from discounts on stuff you need and the things you want.   Oh, and those clinical CEUs? Discounted here!  


Find new opportunities.

You are unique. Learn how to secure work as an Independent Contractor and manage your business with tax calculators, checklists and the resources that you need to land your dream job! Ready to start your own gig?  Success starts here.

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Knowledge.  Delivered.

Healthcare is constantly changing and it is critical to understand current regulations and future changes. Our blog let's you select content that is important to you and have quick access to what you need to know to stay compliant ~ and competitive ~ in the healthcare field.


Make New Friends.

We are the only Association that connects therapists by employment type and not by discipline. Make new friends, find new connections and share ideas in our networking community. You'll also have quick access to regulatory and industry information, filtered by you, and quickly available.

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Pick our brains.

Want advice on your resume? Need answers to a question? We're here for you. We offer our members free advice on anything and everything that you need help with (well.. everything related to IC work..).  Have a question now?  Ask for a complimentary consult.


Your political voice.

Advocacy is not something that we often thing about, but it is something that ever Independent needs. Our association is dedicated to advancing the freedom of America's Independent Workforce by giving a voice in public policy, the choice to pursue work without fear and equal access to benefits to protect themselves, their business and their families.

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Committed to our communities.

What matters to you, matters to us and you can make a difference with your ITA Membership. Each quarter, our members select and vote on a charity or cause that matters to them and the quarterly winner receives a donation of a percentage of our profits. Because while we are independent in what we do, we still take care of one another.


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