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being an Independent Contractor can

take you anywhere

every journey starts with one step.

Ready to get started but not quite sure how?  ITA can help you with setting up an IC Portfolio, figuring out your insurance and Business Tax Receipt, Resume Writing, Interview Tips and Job Search tools.  Oh, and if you need more, our members can also get individual help and advice by our team of experts. How great is that?

Build Your Portfolio

Handy tools and resources you need to work as an Independent Contractor.

Self Employment Calculators

Get started as an Independent and be prepared with self employment tax calculators 

Career Advice

Tips for nailing the interview, resume building, alternative careers and everything in-between.

Knowledge. Delivered.

Whether you're starting your own gig or well on your way, we offer one-to-one help for success.

it's finally here


find your next great opportunity

we've partnered with Same Day Hires

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