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included with your Compliance ToolKit



A webinar to watch and a plan to download, included.  


This webinar, created by an occupational therapist who works as a Medicare Compliance Officer, utilizes the guidelines set forth by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), and the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) to create a compliance plan that is specific for therapists in a small or private practice and outlines the seven recommended components for a comprehensive compliance plan. You will leave the webinar with a solid understanding of these requirements, the reasons that you should establish such a program, and an editable template that you can use to create your own Compliance Plan.

The Curriculum

Understand Fraud & Abuse Laws

Learn the laws that protect against fraud and abuse including the False Claims Act (FCA), Anti Kickback Statute (AKS), Physician Self Referral Law (Stark Law), Social Security Act including the Exclusion Statute and the Civil Monetary Penaltis Law (CMPL) and the United States Criminal Code as well as the consequences for violation.

Learn High Risk Areas

Understand the terms fraud, abuse and error, what constitutes improper payment under federal insurance programs and high risk areas for therapists.

Create Your Compliance Plan

Know the seven recommended components of a compliance program and how to translate these recommendations into an affordable, practical plan for your business plus receive an editable template that you can use to create your own Plan.

Hire/Contract With Qualified Personnel

Pre-hire screening recommendations to ensure therapists under your employment or contract are eligible to provide services to a beneficiary.

Meet Training Requirements

Maintain compliance through annual training that is affordable, effective and accredited.  

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