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No one dreams of working 9-5, meeting productivity requirements, long commutes and doing your best but still being at risk for lay-offs or reduced pay. Therapists dream of doing the work that they love with flexibility, job security and benefits and only think the way to have this is with a full-time job. Think differently. 

change the the way you work


Be Your Own Boss

Whether you want to work as a 1099 for someone else or start a true private practice, there are benefits. More money, tax deductions, control over your hours, diversity and being in charge of when, where and how you work are just a few reasons to go independent. 

Be Your Own Boss


Whether you want to work as a 1099 for someone else or start your own gig, there are benefitsHigher pay, tax deductions, control over your hours, diversity and being in charge of when, where and how you work are just a few reasons to go independent. 

Being Independent does not have to be


a brick and mortar practice.

It starts with being a 1099 IC.

You can work for a company or work for yourself.

Either way, you're in charge.

ITA has the

tools  you need

 to succeed.

find answers. find friends.

 All for independent therapists.

Everything you need. All in one place.


 The Independent Therapist Alliance (ITA) and our amazing team of partner companies and organizations exist to support Independent Workers and we have solutions for Students, New Grads & Seasoned Pros. Join the 50 million workers who choose to go independent....  

you're going to love it here

Rehab Business Training

CEUS that focus on the business of you.

We know that you're busy so learning about business while earning your CEUs is a win-win.  All courses are accredited for PT | OT | SLP.  New to independent work? Start with our signature course, "How to Be Your Own Boss".  Already in practice? You will love our newest course, "Getting Paid the First Time" which provides a step by step process for clean claim submissions for outpatient rehab services to Medicare.

Calculators & Tools

make it easy to stay on track.

Q: What's your dream job?

A: In my dreams, I don't work.

Tracking dreams with ITA.

Our Calculators are free for members, downloadable and updated annually to make it easy for you to stay organized and manage your business. The Self Employment Tax Calculator lets you track deductions and expenses so you know what to expect to pay (and what you can keep) in tax time. Our Medicare Reimbursement Calculator calculates your reimbursement by procedure code with just a click and our favorite, The Dream Calculator tracks hours needed to work to reach your insert dream here.


Insurance Options

You no longer need 9-5 to have access to quality, affordable insurance options. Our premium membership includes $15,000 of Term Life & AD&D Coverage plus access to discounted Home & Auto Insurance, Group Rated Vision & Dental and healthcare care coverage options are coming soon. Premium membership is a two-for-one with ITA and iPSE and includes all benefits of both associations.


Member Only Discounts

your membership will pay for itself.

With our 20 discount partners, you will save everyday on the things you need and the stuff you want. Our discount program gives Independents group buying power on professional and discount pricing on everything from office supplies, therapy supplies, marketing tools and business services. Members also receive free and promotional samples and, when you're ready to take a break, other discounts just for fun.

Find work.

your next opportunity is here

We'll help you create your IC portfolio and make it easy for you to stay organized with our newest partner, Same Day Hires. Free for ITA Members, you will have access to a resume builder, you can create and maintain your own HR profile and look for jobs that fit your lifestyle.

Expert help. For whatever you need.

We look like an association. We feel like a friend.

This is not just an association. The ITA Founders are experts at the business of rehab and free or reduced consult services are available to our members.  We have helped with everything from writing resumes, securing licenses, developing Medicare Compliance Programs and responding to claim audits. You do not have to do it alone. Be independent but with support. We can help.

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