Member Discount Program  

membership pays for itself

ITA has been able to secure massive savings for our members on the tools and resources Independent Contractors need everyday.   Why spend more when you can save with ITA?



AAA Membership

Chances are if you are an Independent Contractor, you also drive (a LOT) for work.  Stay safe and save money with 60% of AAA membership for your first year and a waived enrollment fee.


Meyers PT

A toolbox of supplies is something every Independent Contractor or small business needs. With this discount, you will receive professional pricing on more than 60,000 products with savings up to half off. 

Office Depot/Office Max

Even with electronic health records, you still need STUFF.  Discounts apply to everything and are up to 55% off retail price.



ITA is all about business, but, you still need your CEUs. Save 10% on a 12 month membership plan for unlimited CEU access to truly great courses.  

The Non-Clinical PT

After you have mastered  your business skills with ITA, maybe it's time to think about a non-clinical healthcare career. This course teaches everything you need to know.


QuickBooks can be expensive but it's worth every penny for Independent Contractors. ITA Members snag a 50% discount.


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