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"The only thing I regret about becoming an Independent Contractor is that I did not do it sooner.... "

Jill S., PT


ITA membership will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you choose IC work full time or as a supplement to your current position, there are specific strategies that you need to know that will maximize your productivity, lower your costs and increase your chances for success.  We can help. Your ITA membership will provide you with the tools and resources you need to learn how to succeed as an Independent Contractor (oh, and you'll make new connections and friends along the way).


discover the benefits of membership

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CEU-accredited micro-learning.

We understand that you're busy.  Our courses deliver what you need to know in a mobile-friendly mini-learning format so you can turn your down time into learning time.  And, with all courses accredited for CEUS for PT, OT and SLP, it is a win-win for your present and your future.  And remember, all content for our Alliance is about you and your business (learn your clinical skills somewhere else)!


Find new opportunities.

You are unique.  Market your skills and your business through our member-exclusive Job Board.  Looking for great ICs for your Team?  You can post here as well!

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Knowledge.  Delivered.

Healthcare is constantly changing and it is critical to understand current regulations and future changes. Our blog let's you select content that is important to you and have quick access to what you need to know to stay compliant ~ and competitive ~ in the healthcare field.


Member-Exclusive Savings.

Use the power of the Alliance to benefit from discounts on products you need everyday including AAA, office and therapy supplies. Oh, and those clinical CEUs?  Discounted for members as well! 

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Make New Friends.

We are the only Association that connects therapists by employment type and not by discipline.  Make new friends, find new connections and share ideas in our networking community. You'll also have quick access to regulatory and industry information, filtered by you, and quickly available.


Committed to our communities.

What matters to you, matters to us.  Each quarter, members will select a charity or cause and a percentage of our profit will be donated.

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Pick our brains.

We have proven strategies for marketing, program development and regulatory compliance.  We're happy to help and share our expertise with you one-to-one.