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Find the work you love to do, today.

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Our Self-Employment Tools make it easy to stay on track.

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Curated content for Independent Therapists.

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Need more? Have more with expert help for what you need. 


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 All for independent therapists.

 The Independent Therapist Alliance (ITA) and our amazing team of partner companies and organizations have created this membership to support Independent Allied Health Workers and we have solutions for Students, New Grads & Seasoned Pros. Join the 50 million workers who choose to go independent....  

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Are you an Independent?

Independent does not have to mean a brick and mortar practice. Whether you work for someone else as a 1099 contractor, run your own mobile practice or something in-between, then you belong here.

Just thinking about going Independent?


Higher pay, tax deductions, control over your hours, diversity and being in charge of when, where and how you work are just a few reasons to go independent. 

ITA can help.