• Lexi

Ever wonder about Worker's Compensation as an IC?

Worker’s Compensation Insurance- have you ever wondered about it? What does it cover? Do you

need it? Is it mandatory?

Worker’s compensation insurance provides coverage for treatment of an injury or illness which occurred

while working. This coverage may cover related expenses such as hospitalization, physician office visits,

and even lost wages. If you are working as an independent contractor, which is our ITA tribe, then

worker’s compensation insurance is not required, but may be a good idea. Consider these questions to

determine if it is right for you:

1. What would I do if injured while providing therapy services, and the injury was significant

enough to impair your ability to work for some time?

a. What could my out-of-pocket expenses be through my health coverage, considering

deductible amount and co-pays?

b. Do I have adequate savings and/or disability insurance cost to cover lost wages if unable

to work?

If those questions shake your confidence about your financial security in the event of a work-related

injury, then maybe the cost of worker’s compensation insurance makes sense. So how much is it?

There are several factors which determine cost of coverage, including state, type of industry and prior

claims history, but according to insureon.com, the average cost for a physical therapist per year is about

$660-. You can compare costs through insureon.com so you can make an informed decision (scroll to

the bottom of the page).


Now, you are in the know!