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Here. There. And Everywhere...

More and More, therapists are transitioning to taking Home Health,

Outpatient Part B, or Medicaid in home therapy positions. Whether

working in pediatric or geriatrics, therapists are picking up self-pay, full

time, part time, Independent Contract work, or “side hustles” being

mobile therapists. Going to and from patients’ homes, facilities, or day

care centers to do their great work.

Being on the road leads to stress and exhaustion… Unless you take care

of you and do it the right way.

Best Tips for the Road Warrior Therapist!

Stay Organized!

Setting up your schedule ahead of time and

mapping out your route. Try using the fancy new app programs

like Straightaway or ZigBuddy helps you put in your time and

locations and keep track of where, when, and how you are getting


Let those apps work for you and track your Mileage- if you are

independent contractor/self-employed then use the apps or other

programs to track your daily mileage, so you are organized when

doing taxes at end of the year. Extra tip-if you pick up supplies

through the day take pictures and save receipts for your tax

deductions as well. Keep them all in one spot in a photo album on

your iPhone or download QuickBooks (ITA members have

discount in membership)

Have the day work for you!

Take time to listen to podcasts, catch up on an e-book while driving to your

next location. Use your time between patients to hydrate /fuel your body and get ready for the next one. Reminding yourself to stay focused on the patient and yourself in between. Rushing and over scheduling will lead to errors, stress, and unsafe driving.

Calling patients when you are on the way can be a great way to confirm

they are ready for you and know you are coming. If someone

cancels last minute you can see another patient earlier or take a

much-needed break but you don’t waste time driving all the way over.

Listing your phone numbers out for quick reference for the day so

you don’t have to fumble with the phone while driving.

Keep an extra patient on caseload- there will always be a

cancellation. Better to budget your time and money knowing you

are full and then if someone cancels your whole day is not full of

disappointment but more of a “that’s ok” feeling. It happens in

this busy life and with medical clients, people will cancel we

need to account for that happening.

To fight burnout- structure your time off.

You still should take vacation and sick time as you need. Being self-employed or

an IC doesn’t mean you don’t take care of YOU! Use the ITA dream

calculator to figure out, number of patient’s vs financial needs,

out ahead of time. Looking forward to a vacation or time off, let's you focus on the positive, keeping your head in the game and not feeling frustrated and over worked.

Be Prepared.

Remember to always ensure your auto insurance is up to date and your

cards and registration is easy to access for those “Just In Case

moments". Take it a step further and you can access Aflac Accident coverage as a

member of ITA, If something happens inthe field and you do not have coverage the

out-of-pocket costs could hurt you and your family immensely. If you have questions on how the Peace of Mind coverage of Aflac you can click here to read Jen’s story

and get her information on how she can explain the benefits..

Being your own boss is the key to making your time, schedule, and finances work for you. Take control and put You in the equation. ITA wants to see you all successful in the "business of rehab". Need advice or help- reach out at

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