Keeping Therapy Fun and Cheap!

When you are working out in the field or even in a clinic setting, you should be finding ways to make therapy more exciting and fun for the patient.  Making the experience of therapy something for the patients to look forward to keeps your census high and your patients coming back! We all know the ups and downs of caseloads and keeping the patients wanting more keeps them coming back!

So, even though expenses are deductible, it does not mean you want to spend a ton of money. Here are some creative ways to keep that therapy fun while saving your business (you!) some money.

Go to the Dollar Stores in your area and find fun items like pool noodles that you can work with Parkinson’s patients or patients that need range of motion exercises by having them grasp with two hands out in front and do a rowing motion. Those pool noodles are fun in color and light weight.  Other dollar items could be plastic cups for stacking and doing walking patterns.  Five Below (everything here is $5 or less) is another great place to find inexpensive supplies. They have light hand weights, bands, and other exercise equipment that can easily be added to your fun bag to bring into you patients. Buying some silly puddy can be great for working with hand patients instead of using thera puddy.  Using marbles or small suction cups found in the kid's section are great fine motor skill activities.   Painters tape can be used to mark the floor for the patient if you want them to keep there eye on a certain spot, or walk a certain distance, or keep a straight line. No mess, comes right up and, if you buy the blue or other colors, it will be easy for them to see. 

BE CREATIVE, if you are working with patients no one says you can't turn on some music from their era or generation and make it interesting. 

Ask them their likes, dislikes, and hobbies!  Incorporate that into the session to keep them interested. 

Oh... and always remember to keep your receipts!