Reflection from ITA

Just a friendly reminder to not lose yourself in a difficult world:

ITA wants to take a minute to remind you to stop and remember why you are in the field you are in, to help. To help others in some way. If you are a therapist you went to school for the sole focus to help mankind, whether directly or indirectly. You went to school as a speech, occupational, physical, massage therapist, the list goes on for ICs that have educated themselves to be in this field of helping. You wanted to work hands on with a certain population or maybe your vision was to be a management position or educator that in turn works with others that are doing the hands on. Either way you are making an impact on someone's life.

The reminder is we get caught up sometimes on what we think we want to do and how quickly we can make the almighty dollar and forget that maybe going out of our way to help someone or do something that helps an agency in a certain way may end up benefiting you at the end of the day. When you are focused on the wrong side of the job you may get lost in the nitty gritty. Let’s give an example, if you are asked to take on a patient for treatment that you typically don’t take, or let’s say someone asks you to go a little out of your way for a patient that may take a little more time. That goes a long way in representing yourself as a team player in a world where people are not. People that go the extra mile and do the little things for their patients in the end will be rewarded. We call this good Karma! We know how first hand setting yourself apart from another therapist is so important to build your brand and show how you are the therapist they should choose and keep on their loyal IC list.

We know that the therapy world is difficult due to changes, time, and documentation and all the other regulations you need to keep up on but always remember- why you are in the field. You are in this to use your knowledge and expertise to help others. It may not be easy, it may be difficult at times, dirty at times and down-right smelly. You are you for a reason and if you can say that you made a difference of another human being today. You win!