Take Action to Prevent 8% Reimbursement Cut

If you thought that we were "done" with layoffs and regulatory changes, there are more planned for 2021 including an 8% reduction in reimbursement across the board for all therapy disciplines.

Why Reductions?

Therapy services are being reduced to offset changes which increase the payment for Evaluation and Management (physician office visits) codes to keep the budget "neutral". While we want to see physicians receive appropriate reimbursement for services, the same is true for the therapy profession.

Begin to act now, and let your voice be heard. Advocacy efforts paid off with CMS relenting on the coding for assistants next year when services were provided, concurrently with a supervisor and assistant. Take the time to call, write, email, send smoke signals (kidding on that last one!) and ask your patients to do the same.

What You Can Do:

APTA, AOTA, and ASHA are fighting the legislative battle on our behalf and need our support. Also, here are some other ways to have your voice heard.

APTA has great advocacy tools, which you can access and generate a pre-filled email in minutes. You can access the template here:


AOTA provides tip and tricks for advocacy efforts and links to contact you representatives which you can find here:


To get involved with ASHA’s advocacy efforts, use this link


Finally, use the links below to find out who your representative is and contact information.