The Freedom of Independent. The Benefits of Employment.


More than half of Americans want to be their own boss, yet many healthcare professionals believe that both job safety and benefits are greater through an employment position versus work as an Independent Contractor so we settle for something less than our dream job simply because we believe we have no choice. The benefits of working as an independent contractor can match - or even exceed - the benefits of employment. Here are ways that an Independent Contractor can create the perfect benefit package to fit your life and how membership in the Independent Therapist Alliance can help.


One of the perceived benefits of employment is access to affordable insurance coverage. The drawback to this is every time you change jobs, you may be forced to find new providers who may not be on the new plan and your options are limited to the plans that your employer was able to negotiate. As an Independent Contractor, you can choose the coverage plan that is right for you and be sure that the coverage you select meets your individual needs. When you join ITA, your membership includes:

  • $15,000 Automatic Term Life & AD&D Coverage with option to expand;

  • Access to Group-Rated Dental & Vision Plans;

  • Discounted home and auto insurance coverage;

  • Tools to select healthcare coverage to fit your needs;

  • Option to include online Telehealth and Talk Therapy;

  • Critical Illness & Accident Coverage.

Plus, when you work as an Independent Contractor and you are not eligible under another plan, you will be able to deduct your health insurance costs (cha-ching!)

4019(k) / Retirement Plan

The solo 401(k), known by the IRS as a One-Participant 401 (k) is how self employed individuals (that's us as Independent Contractors!) can save for retirement. The account mimics the features of an employer-sponsored plan but, because a self-employed individual is both the "employee" and the "employer", you can contribute as both. In 2020, this amount was $57,000 with an additional $6,500 catch-up contribution if you are age 50 or older. This amount is broken down as being $19,5000 in 2020 for the "employee" portion and you can make an additional profit sharing contribution of up to 25% of your compensation as the "employer". Just like a traditional 401(k), the contributions are made pre-tax, further reducing your tax income for the year (cha-ching!)

Vacation Time | Paid Time Off

Everyone needs a little R&R and if you're planning that dream vacation (even if this dream is currently a staycation), Independent Contractors at ITA use our Signature "Dream Calculator" - a tool to help calculate your desired "paid time" off for holidays, vacation and personal time so that your income and work hours match your life.