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The Other Type of Therapy

As health care providers, a common goal is for our older adult clients to live as independently and safely as possible. We set goals for our clients based on their individual needs, goals, and overall well-being. A large part of a client’s success is their motivation to participate in achieving those goals. In fact, motivation towards goals is an important factor in what makes a client a successful rehab candidate. On the contrary, as we often see, clients’ success can be hindered or obstructed by things such lack of motivation, which is greatly affected by their mental health, and vice versa.

Although mental health is typically not written in our client’s goals, it plays a critical role in their plan of care. How a client is feeling at any given moment can noticeably affect a therapy session and progress towards goals. With the pandemic being so prominent over the past two years, many have noticed a change in their mental health. Older adults in particular have been subject to feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression, many of whom have had to face it alone.

So what steps can we take to address the underlying mental health challenges affecting our

clients? The mental health of our clients can affect multiple outcomes during the rehabilitation journey and consequently can affect their ability to care for themselves or live alone safely. Should you notice a client who struggles with mental health, there are steps you can take to insure they are getting the professional attention they need.

In March 2020, the federal government approved tele health visits for Medicare recipients.

They also made it possible for Licensed Clinical Social Workers to provide counseling across

State lines without the typical licensing restrictions opening up any barriers for therapy.

A and B Counseling Services LLC are a group of experienced Licensed Clinical Social Workers providing both telehealth and in person visits to seniors struggling with mental health issues.  This is an unlimited traditional Medicare benefit that does not require a physician’s prescription. These clinicians can also offer community referrals and family guidance.

For more information please visit our web site at, tell them ITA sent you!

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