Why I Choose to be an Independent Contract Therapist


I used to be unemployed. Twenty years ago, I fell in love with OT and the idea of being able to change people’s lives. I went to school with high hopes and dreams of what my future would look like and graduated top of my class with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy. The year I graduated was the year that the therapy cap was implemented (10 visits of outpatient care for all of you, ahem, younger crowd out there) and there was no work to be found… just like now. Therapists were getting laid off... just like now. I got a gig doing medical transcription, but most of my fellow grads were working as waitresses. Massive student loans, shattered dreams and a sinking feeling that I had made the wrong career choice. After about six months, I landed a part-time position as an IC therapist. Then, I got a break. At the company that hired me, I volunteered to help with an upcoming accreditation. I read a lot, asked a lot of questions and studied compliance and was able to grow this into an alternative career as a Rehab Director and Medicare Compliance Officer, now working as an IC and consultant for several companies.

I made a lot of mistakes because I did not know how to maximize my services, charge what I was worth or manage my taxes. Don't make the same mistakes I made.

Here’s the thing. I made a lot of mistakes because I did not know how to maximize my services, charge what I was worth, or manage my taxes so I LOST A TON OF MONEY. This is my advice. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I MADE. With the help of women I am proud to call my friends and experts in the rehab field, we started the Independent Therapist Alliance, a grassroots organization that joins therapists together by work, not by discipline to learn how to succeed as Independent Contractors. The program is accredited for CEUs (6 Hours and growing) and learning these skills will benefit you in any work setting. Because we know what independent contractors need, membership also includes a member only discount program on the stuff you need every day, access to one on one help and advice, industry news, networking opportunities… and friends.


Learn how ITA can help you succeed.

You can find me online at ITA or reach me via email at connie@itaexcels.org