Free with membership and now, for the first time, available for purchase for everyone.  This Self Employment Tax Calculator Tool makes it easy for any self-employed or 1099 worker to know their tax liability by quarter and by year.  The tool does all the math for you and willl:


  • Track your income by payor and amount;
  • Provide  a worksheet for you to enter allowable expenses;
  • Automaticaly determine business profit and loss;
  • Automatically provide you with your estimated quarterly taxes.


We went to school to learn clinical skills - not necessarily business.  This tool makes it easy for you to succeed at both.


Self Employment Tax Calculator

  • We worked hard to create this tool for you and we're so proud of it that we copyrighted it.  Please do not sell it or give it away.  By purchasing this product, you agree to the Single Use Agreement.

  • You will be able to download immediately after purchase and also receive an e-mail link [valid for 30 days] which grants access to download this file. The file is provided in an .XLS [Excel Spreadsheet] .