NEW & UPDATED WITH THE 12/2020 FEE SCHEDULE!   This is an incredibly powerful yet simple calculator tool (watch the video to see it in action!) for every therapist that bills Medicare Part B and wants to understand the impact of the 2021 Fee Schedule on your operations.  This tool will:


  • Calculate your Fee Schedule based on your locality using the proposed fee schedule (not estimates);
  • Calculate your typical per visit projected revenue based on your average units and commonly used procedure codes;
  • Make revenue projections based on average number of visits that you perform weekly, monthly and annually;
  • And.. If you have details of how many procedures were billed during a year as the first or subsequent units, you will have a powerful budgeting tool to calculate even more specific projections. 


MPPRS rates are  not available until after the MACs update their Fee Schedule Look-Up Tools in January.  This is too late to plan and prepare.  You can know NOW what the proposed changes will mean for you.

The Medicare Fee Schedule & MPPRS Calculator & Budget Tool

  • We worked hard to create this tool for you and we're so proud of it that we copyrighted it.  Please do not sell it or give it away.  By purchasing this product, you agree to the Single Use Agreement.